Metamorphosis Storyboard + Comic

Nicolas rivero 1 eng

I arranged the initial storyboard for Metamorphosis on 3 pages for publication in a comic magazine

Nicolas rivero 2 eng


Nicolas rivero 3 eng


Nicolas rivero storyboard full

The initial 20 frame storyboard of the story

20 frame storyboard and comic pages for my storyboard class I am teaching at TU Vienna.

The goal of this exercise was to present yourself and your appartment by the means of a 20 frame story. This goes along with the students drawing a rough plan of their appartment and thinking about how to use the rooms for the story development.
Writing a simple story and getting to know the necessary transitions between shots are of course also to be learned here.

Inspiration for this exercise came watching the schoolism storyboarding class with Kris Pearn, it doubles as homework for the class.

Secondly I started to arrange the storyboard on 3 pages for publication in a comic magazine.